Christmas with a 20 months old

Growing up, I felt like I was loosing that Christmas feeling I had as a child, and I tried every year harder to find it. I decorated every room in my house, listened to the Frank Sinatra’s Christmas songs from the early November, baked cookies, but it was worthless. I just couldn’t feel that warm and excitment anymore, until one day I finally acepted it and convinced myself that this period is only for the kids. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the Grinch. I spend most of my time with the family, I am always ridiculously happy and I am very grateful of what life has brought to me. I’m talking about the magic a child sees at the Christmas tree, which I experienced it too when I was little. Now I could stare the tree for an hour or longer and I would push myself to feel it, but nothing would happen.

Last year my baby was only seven months old and she couldn’t understand much but this year was totally different. Why nobody tells you anything about having Christmas with kids? It is one of the most precious moments you get to live as a parent. As my daughter is already at an age where she can communicate and understands everything, she was so happy with all the new things going on. She says ‘Hey’ 100 times a day to put her the ‘Jingle Bells’ and we dance to the ‘Rudolf’ song all day. When we decorated the Christmas tree, she did a screaming laugh out of happiness and every night she waved goodnight to it. She even had her first present from Santa and we left him cookies and milk on Christmas Eve. When kids came to our door to sing the Christmas carols she was clapping her hands and shaking her head to the rhythm. Having her first Christmas together while I tried to give her a full experience of it, put me in the mood too. I lived all the moments to the maximum and I actually felt the magic again after all these time. My husband said to me one day, I don’t know who is more excited, you or Amelia?

Always trying to kiss he

Being a parent sometimes is really hard, but moments like these are everything! This little girl has brought so much joy to us and I can’t wait to see what wonderful things the future is going to bring. Whish you all happy moments with your family and a Happy New Year!


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