2018 has been one of the best years so far. It was full of fun times and beautiful moments while family and travels being the most dominant elements. I hope 2019 will be a continue of 2018 with lots of new opportunities for more experiences and work.

  1. The places we went. We visited six countries and many cities. I also finally made it to go to Mykonos and I absolutely loved it.  We went to some amazing places we’ve always dreamt about.
  2. Spending almost all 2018 with my baby. I got so emotional in her 1st  birthday and being able to see her growing and transforming to such a funny and kind child makes me so happy. Even though I’ve been critized for staying home with her for so long, because people still think it is ok not to my mind their own business, I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world and I haven’t regretted it not even once.
  3.  Having date nights with my husband again. I didn’t felt comfortable leaving her to go out until she was eight months old. But since then we go out at least once a week only the two of us, for dinner, to theater or to watch a movie. I get dressed well and try to look cute for him as in the beginning of our relationship. We feel more connected and we let our parental duties away for a while to give our full attention to each other.
  4. The gift I gave to my dad on his birthday. It was something simple but made him smile. I have a special connection with my dad and when he is happy I am happy too.  Nothing is more important than showing our loved ones that we care.
  5. Starting my own business, White Anemones Event Planning. When the company I worked closed down,  I secretly felt a bit relieved, even though I loved that job, because I knew that was the time to do something myself. I took baby steps in 2018 since I didn’t have much time, but I am proud that I already have some orders. In the New Year I will put all my effort to grow it and make it an important name in event planning industry.
  6. Attended the Malaga Fair in Spain. It is about Malaga becoming part of Castilian crown when King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella conquered the city in 19 August 1487.  The city was celebrating and people were dressed in traditional costumes, dancing and singing all day. Many concerts were happening during this time, Spanish are the warmest people and they know how to party. This was one of the greatest highlights of the year.
  7. Bought a new car. Since now I had a car I bought when I was a student so it was about time to get a new one. I am so in love with it that after my first ride I actually kissed the steering wheel and said goodnight to it.
  8. Visited Positano. This could go to the travel part, but Positano had been on my wish list for long. It is one of most instagramed places and not for no reason. It leaves you speechless with its beauty. It stunning! Soon I will make a post about it.
  9. Amelia’s baptism day. Everything was exactly as I had dreamt and even better. The decorations, the fun, the food. And I made a new friend, my daughter’s godmother, who is the sweetest person. We also had the chance to see members of our family that we hadn’t seen since our wedding who made the day even more special.
  10. I got back to fitness. Eventhough I ‘ve been eating like crazy, I worked out a lot. This year I started the Kayla Itsines sweat app, which is so strong, helped me lose all the pregnancy weight and got my confidence back.
Long walks in Tenerife
With beautiful ladies in Malaga Fair
Morning in Positano

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