Every time my friends ask me which is the most beautiful place I’ve seen, I say Greece. It is the absolute true, considering that it is full of tourists at any season. Greece is unique, eccentric and attractive, just as its zodiac sign, Aquarius.

I had the chance to travel in many places in Greece, but would take a lifetime to see all the  islands and villages. Below I will present you some summer and winter destinations that really impressed me.

Santorini. First time I went in Santorini in January 2015, for work with my husband, so logically not the perfect period to be on a Greek island. When we arrived in our hotel, in Oia village I was fascinated with all that beauty around me. We all have heard about Santorini’s view and sunset, but nothing can prepare you for what you come across. The volcano right next to you and the sea just under the cliff is unreal. I haven’t been everywhere, but I hardly think I’ll ever see something similar to Oia.  If possible you should stay in Caldera and enjoy the most romantic sunset in the world. Every corner of the island is beautiful and you should visit the cute villages and beautiful beaches. Summertime is very crowed with tourists, that is why spring and the beginning of fall is a good period to visit it.


Mykonos. One of the most famous places in the world could not be out of my list. I have to be honest with you, I didn’t expect much from Mykonos. Even though I love parties, the idea of drunk and half naked people around kept me away from the island all these years. End of this August found me in Mykonos I found out what makes it so special. First of all, the crystal blue beaches. You need at least a week to see every single one. Secondly is the aesthetic the island has to offer. Everywhere you go in Mykonos the design and décor of the hotels, cafes and restaurants is just stunning. So fresh, chic and modern with wood and white colors, it will certainly inspire you. Lastly, to my surprise partying was not that crazy. You need to go to specific areas to experience the party and clubbing. Mykonos offers a variety for any taste, beaches with loud music and people dancing, quite and private beaches, unique restaurants with amazing views, great cuisine, etc. I can keep writing of all the things I loved about this place, but what really fascinates the visitor is that the place completely feeds your spirit. Somehow I left happier and more optimistic. Maybe it was the sun or maybe the happy people, but I definitely look forward to going back again next year.


Kefalonia. Is the largest of the Ionian islands and the perfect place for couples and families. We went there before we have a baby and I cherish those moments deep in my heart. The best way to explore the island is by renting a car and you need at least five days to see most of it. It truly is a paradise on earth. The stunning green nature and the blue beaches will make you want to stay there all summer long. The distances are quite long but the views make them worth it. The place is very photogenic, you will  make a stop and take photos every five minutes. For families with little children, I would suggest the red beach. Myrtos, which every year figures in the best beaches in the world, is definitely worth visiting it. If you are brave enough, go for paragliding. It is one of the most exciting extreme sports one can do. Don’t miss the picturesque village of Assos. Before heading to the beach make a stop at the Melissani Cave, to see the rays of sun shinning through the blue water. It is so romantic and beautiful!


Alonissos. This is my personal favorite island. Not so well-known as Mykonos and Santorini but equally beautiful and special. It is part of the Sporades and probably the most charming one. There is no better place for quite and relaxing vacations. Having a car is necessary here too. What Alonissos lacks in sightseeing and nightlife, makes up in amazing little beaches, food and relaxation. Agios Dimitrios is no doubt the best beach. We stayed at Votsi village, which is built on a hill and has a very cute little port. Chora offers a sea view at any corner. If you go to Chayati café you will enjoy the best desserts and try the famous chocolate waffles. There are lots of pizza restaurants but traditional food is what everyone should go for. LRM_EXPORT_46144125401597_20181108_160045795LRM_EXPORT_119152926197544_20181111_001351630

Crete. It is the largest island in Greece and there is so much to see and to do there. Three years ago, in summer we went in Crete and we were driving all day long crazy distances, so that we could see as much as possible. I can say we came home more tired than we left, but totally worth it. This is what you do when you don’t have kids. We stayed in Elounda, a little fishing village in Agios Nicholaos. It is such a lovely place that we went back this year with the baby. Only one hour away from the Heraklion airport, it is the appropriate place for those looking for an all inclusive resort, especially for families with young kids. Definitely take a boat tour to the island of Spinaloga that was used as a leper colony in the 20th century. It is so atmospheric and touching if you think of what these people had to go through. Anywhere you decide to stay in Crete you will have unforgettable vacations.Balos and Elafonisi are pink sandy beaches that you can’t find elsewhere in the world so keep them on your mind. Great food, nightlife, huge sandy beaches, watersports, beautiful scenery, friendly people and amazing hospitality is what makes this island so popular.LRM_EXPORT_119715041299911_20181111_002313745

Metsovo. This is a winter destination in the mountains of Pindos, in Ioannina. Even though Greece is mostly known for the islands, it is a perfect destination for winter too. Metsovo is a breathtaking town with small houses and red roofs that has so much to offer to the visitor. Coziness is what can describe the feeling this places gives you. Hot chocolate in front of the fireplace and snow outside is what dreams are made of. If you are looking for a five star accommodation there is a great hotel a little higher on the mountain with spa, huge traditional breakfast and playground for kids. You can do shopping in the little stores and buy homemade pasta and goodies for home. Nice coffee shops and tavernas are everywhere. You can go to Metsovo by the Ioannina’s airport and then hire a car or taxi service to take you up there.  It is truly one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen, so I totally suggest you put it on your list.LRM_EXPORT_129306923955281_20181111_100355651

Hilly streets of Metsovo, Greece

Monemvasia. Last fall we went in Monemvasia with our six month old Amelia. I had heard about it and we decided to go for a weekend. It is located in the east coast of the Peloponnese and it is actually built on an island. Little old houses and cafes, historic churches and narrow streets on a hill just above the sea will truly leave you speechless. Fall and winter make the perfect cozy atmosphere, but coming in spring and summer is great too. You should stay in the old town for the real experience, but if you are coming with a baby, avoid to take a stroller with you because of the many stairs and the paved streets. The area around is beautiful too with nice people and restaurants on the beach so a trip on the near towns is recommended. LRM_EXPORT_71888259943566_20181109_092920324

Aerial view of the ancient hillside town of Monemvasia located i




  1. Your blog is soo motivational, for moms especially because you are stating your experiences for your baby and I believe that is what they need most! By the way, you did a great job, your blog is amazing and too interesting for anyone to read all your work. It’s a great idea and I wish you the best and always the best!!!


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