Grand Place

Brussels, the capital of Belgium and European Union since is the house of European Parliament, European Commission and Counsil of the European Union, is a good choice to visit especially if you love food and chocolate. We stayed in Brussels for two days, but since our girl got a flu, we had to stay in the hotel the second day. So, I will give you an idea of what you can do in Brussels in only 24 hours.

You cannot start your day in this city without visiting the Grande Place. It is the central square and the most stunning one in Europe. The great buildings of 15th Century are majestic and completely breathtaking; prepare yourself as you’ll want to take as many photos as possible. There are many cafes and restaurants around this area. Oh, and lots of chocolate houses and waffles. Every other store is a Chocolatier or waffle house and of course you have to try them. 

My personal favorite is the Leonidas, Manon Café Blanc chocolate. Please try it! It is so good. There are also two types of waffles, Brussels and Liege, and you can find them with cream, chocolate, fruits and hundreds of other toppings. 

As you walk around the Grande Place you will come across to this little guy…

There are many legends behind Manneken Pis statue, and even if it is quite small, it is one of the main attractions of Brussels with many tourists around him.  You will also notice the numerous graffiti, all very artistic that give an interesting touch in the city. Street art is very lively here and it is really an art because they create incredible things.

Next thing you must see is the Atomium, which represents an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times and offers a 360o view over Brussels. You can walk through the spheres and the tubes, while enjoying the exhibition about the building’s history.

Next stop Mini Europe. Just under the Atomium, the park has reproductions of all the legendary monuments in the EU, at a 1:25 scale. It is worth visiting it because you can spend a couple of fun hours there. Children will love it even more and will learn some new things. 

For dinner I would suggest the ‘Midtown Grill’ restaurant, as it has the best meat dishes in town and excellent food overall. It is only five minutes walk from Grand Place.  Fries are very popular, you can find them at every corner and they usually pair them with mussels, which is another popular dish. To my opinion they are not the best fries I’ve ever had, but everybody eats them so they must have something special even if I couldn’t see what.  Brussels is not known for its nightlife, but ‘Delirium Café’ is the place for every beer lover, with more than 2,400 types of beers from all over the world. I had a strawberry one.

We visited the city during Christmas period and it was so crowed but also very pretty.  It is a small city and in two or three days you can see it all. Don’t forget to try the chocolate, waffles, fries and beer. Only then you can say you’ve really experienced Brussels.



  1. Daphnie

    wow! it’s great that you keep on travelling even with a toddler! I …dared to travel only when she turned 3,5! (and I wondered why it took me so long!) keep up!


    1. It is great and crazy too!! Truth is that traveling with an older kid like yours is much easier. Whatever works better for every family. Hope you have the most amazing travels and create beautiful memories with your little one.


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