Traveling before having kids is one of the most fun things any couple could do. You are in love, with no care in the world and all you have to think about is yourself and the other person. There are tons of reasons of why you should travel as much as you can, but planning of having kids in the future is maybe the most important one. Children are great and they brighten up our lives, but the freedom and carelessness you have now will absolutely change for the next 18 years after having babies. So, you should really take advantage of your current situation and go for that road trip you always had in mind, or plan an adventurous trip now that is still possible. I am not saying that you can’t do all these with kids, but for sure it will be ten times harder. Family vacations are amazing and unforgettable, but going with kids and without kids are two totally different experiences that you can’t miss.  Here are five reasons why you have to make traveling a priority.

  1.  It is cheaper. Anyone can understand that paying one more ticket, or two, or three can really make a difference in your pocket. If now you don’t care much about where are you going to stay, whether it is a hostel or a hotel, let me tell you that after having babies you will only search for decent places. You’ll need a clean room with all the accommodations, in a secure location and that means extra $$. When it comes to food you don’t have the choice of fast food anymore, the baby will not appreciate a Big Mac and you have to find nice and healthy food options, because the last thing you need is getting sick in a foreign country. And you don’t want me to start with the museums and sightseeing fees, which are anyway expensive in Europe. What I want to say is that when you become a parent usually your budget is tighter, and either you have to limit the travels you make, either your own expenses.
  2. Goodbye spontaneity. I remember when we were dating with my husband everything was so easy, we would decide for a last minute trip and we would book right away, without thinking if it is a kid – friendly destination, or if it has many parks for our daughter to play. We wouldn’t choose a place for the very few attractions it has, because you can’t visit all the museums with a toddler. Life has changed a lot now and I love it. I don’t mind running behind my child all the time or not being able to have a cup of coffee in silence, because it is my choice to have her and I am very happy to watch her explore this interesting world. But it is a whole new situation now but I am so grateful I got to be just me and my husband in all those crazy adventures we have had. Back then, we were the only kids and we were like two silly grownups laughing and playing with each other, not caring if people are watching. And we would take a four hour drive and back again, just to see a sunset, which is not possible to do with a little child because you have to follow her schedule of sleeping, eating and resting.
  3. Getting closer to each other. This is something that still will be happening when kids come and for a lifetime if you want to be together, but with a child you are more consentrated to her, your attention is to provide everything the baby needs,cause she cannot take care of herself. So, you don’t get the chance to talk or spend as much time you would like with your partner. On the other side, when it is just the two of you things are very different. Being in a new place, where you know nobody and the only familiar face is his and you are both relaxed and happy,  subconsciously you feel closer to the other and love grows even more. Believe me those moments are so precious and unique. This is actually the main reason of why you should really take him and go to that place you always said you wanted to.
  4.  The challenges you face. When traveling together you are most likely to get into difficult situations. As in the everyday life, unexpected things may happen, one of you might not be in the best mood, have a fight, you might get lost somewhere or anything else. But,when you are in a new place, there is nobody to turn to and you have to face the other one right away.  If you both manage and survive any difficulties when you are outside of your comfort zone,then you can handle having kids together. When couples go on vacations any issues in the relationship tend to come in the surface. If you feel uncomfortable or that you miss something when you travel with him, then probably something is not going well and definitely must be fixed before you grow your family.
  5. Not all places are for families. Now you could go and explore the Amazon Rainforest if you want to. You could also visit a war zone or take any trip you could imagine, but when a baby comes that is not a choice anymore. There are places that are only for adults and places that are family-friendly. If you plan to travel I would suggest taking some of those trips. I regret that we didn’t go to any of the very far destinations we wanted, while we could. We have her with us at any travel, but I’d think twice about taking her to a 12 hours flight. I know many parents do it and it is not impossible, but I just haven’t felt ready yet.  I hope in 2019 we make it, but it is not an easy decision at all.

You don’t want to miss the opportunity of traveling only you and your other half. Not only for practical issues, but because the whole experience will bring you closer and the memories you will share together, will keep you together.


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