I feel like Prague is on the bucket list of most travelers. It was on my list too, so this October we visited it. We stayed for three days and as always Amelia came with us. The hotel was in the city center and very close to the Old Town Square. Considering that this city is located in the Northern region of Europe and already being in the fall season I expected to be cold, but to my surprise it was still summer and we didn’t have the chance to wear all the outwear we had taken for the trip, however it was the perfect weather for kids. Sightseeing was what we mostly did, because you can’t get enough watching this place. The Central Square was so atmospheric with large buildings of various architectural styles, full of people waiting for the oldest astronomical clock in the world to strike the hour and the Twelve Apostles to set in motion. In the Old Town there are many worth visiting museums such as Madame Tussauds, Fraz Kafka Museum, Choco – Story Chocolate Museum and what we couldn’t visit because of the baby, Torture Museum. They are pretty small museums, yet a nice choice to spend a few hours, since they are all close to each other. Getting inside a Marionette shop is a must. All kinds of characters from witches, princesses, kings and animals will amaze kids and adults.


I never drink any beverage in general, but I enjoyed an alcohol – free beer. There are so many pubs and restaurants all around the city offering delicious and filling Chezch dishes and all kinds of beers, so forget about your diet when you come here. Seriously it is impossible not to try their comfort food such as Gulas and the Moravsky vrabec. Dimitri couldn’t believe his eyes when I ordered in the middle of the day the Pork Knuckle, because I don’t like eating meat, let alone to pick it myself in a restaurant, but it looked so tempting in the menu. And, how could someone possibly resist to Trdelnik, a rolled dough in snake shape with sugar and cinnamon topping, filled with pastry cream or ice cream? Definitely not us.


Walking along the river side we arrived to the stunning Charles Bridge, which is very large and the view from the Old Town and Mala Strana is unbelievable. It is always very crowed and makes it difficult to walk it through, especially with kids, that is why the best hour to visit it is in the early morning. For some good luck touch the plaque of St. John of Nepomuk Statue, but only with your left hand. After crossing the bridge towards Mala Strana, there is a small riverside beach where children can have fun feeding the ducks and then playing in the Vojanovy Sady park, while the adults may relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or a Trdelnik (!) in the beautiful nature away from the crowds.LRM_EXPORT_295126696463347_20181120_003817555LRM_EXPORT_295452653665268_20181120_004343512

At this point you probably have already noticed the Petrin Hill Tower which looks like a smaller Eiffel Tower. Petrin Hill is the perfect place to see the view of the colorful Prague and especially for the children to play with the ponies and the maze. You can take the 30 minutes walk to get up there, but if you have little babies it is preferable to take the lift for an extra fee. On our way down we stopped at a cute café – restaurant, where to all of the Outlander’s fans I swear the waiter was the lost twin brother of Frank. I hope he didn’t think I am some weirdo, because of how long I was staring at him, but I’ve never in my life seen such a similarity between two people. Heading down to one of the most beautiful streets in Prague, Nerudova Street is a great experience, with all the cute suvenir and gift shops. Don’t miss the Gingerbread museum, which looks like Hansel and Gretel’s house, to take photos and buy some cookies.LRM_EXPORT_294984993807526_20181120_003555853LRM_EXPORT_295246404584723_20181120_004017263

Public transport system in Prague is easy and efficient. Going around city with metro, buses and tram is cheap and is the best way to take long distances but, every street and spot is very charming so don’t be afraid to walk as much as you can and get lost into. To sum up, Prague is for sure one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and a great destination for families. All restaurants and cafes have baby chairs and kid meals are available almost everywhere. Prepare to take many photos as this city has come out of a fairytale.  LRM_EXPORT_295573779525220_20181120_004544638





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