The end of August 2017 found us looking for a new trip destination. It would be the first time abroad with the baby so we wanted something that we would be there within a two hours flight.The baby didn’t cry not even once during the whole trip. She was sitting in her stroller all the time and was very happy. Malta is very easy to get around and neither us or the kid got tired at all. I have to say that traveling with a four month old baby is not as challenging as you might think, as long as their needs are met they are happy and calm.

Malta had been on my mind for awhile, but for some reason I had never visited it. Mostly because when I asked people that had been there if they liked it, they said that it was similar to the island of Rhodes. Personally I did not find any similarities except of the fact that they are both islands. I have so many sweet memories from Malta! Amelia was only four months old and it was a whole new experience for us.

We stayed in Valletta which is the capital and is such a beautiful city. It kind of takes you back in time with the old streets and the port. As it was the beginning of September it was very hot and humid. I thought that summer vacations were over but we had the chance to enjoy the beach one more time.LRM_EXPORT_423085757334158_20181030_132742757

With Amelia in her stroller and amazed by all the new things she was seeing for the first time (she did not cry even once in the whole trip), we started our exploration with the Popeye Village. It is a bit far from Valletta but totally worth it. That day was raining so many activities were cancelled. However the park is so pretty and the sea has the most amazing green color I have probably ever seen. Amelia laughed for the first time there and I cried and laughed too when I heard her. It was such a special moment!

The second day we visited the Blue Lagoon and Mdina. You have to take the ferry boat to get you to Blue Lagoon. We thought it would be a big secure ship but when we saw the little boat called as ‘ferry’ we were pretty hesitant because of the baby. They reassured us that it was secure and eventually we trusted them. For our surprise, there were many babies in the Lagoon, all alive! The place was so crowed and the beach was dirty. It is one of the main touristic attractions so is normal. The place is really small and people were having so much fun dancing with the loud music and drinking cocktails. I am very glad we went there because of the island’s natural beauty, which was stunning. You cannot skip this trip if you go to Malta.


Mdina is the old town and the perfect place to get lost in. So many narrow streets with flowers everywhere and cute restaurants, you just wanna stay there all day long. Just make sure to make a reservation for dinner earlier because is quite difficult to find a table.LRM_EXPORT_423721136544817_20181030_133837542

Overall, I can say that Malta has a lot to offer, history, beauty, beaches, interesting sights and nice hotels. It is a small island, 4- 5 days are perfect to see everything, but I wish I could had stayed longer to get a full experience of this gorgeous country.




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