We went in Dubrovnik this April. It had never been on my list, but Dimitri suggested it because he wanted to visit the castle from ‘Game of Thrones’.  It was a great choice. This city is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. I didn’t thought I would like it so much, but honestly it was stunning! When we arrived there, I was so amazed and told to him that I couldn’t believe we were so lucky to live such moments. The sun was so shiny and made the place look even more beautiful. I remember in the afternoons, when we were in the hotel for the baby to nap and everyone was sleeping I was looking from the window the whole time, because I didn’t want to miss a moment from all that beauty.

We stayed just outside the Old Town, at Ploce area, which had a great view of the city and the sea. The beaches were very pretty.  The beginning and the end of summer is the best period to visit Dubrovnik, because the weather is still warm and there are not so many tourists as in July.



It is a perfect place for families. The Old Town is small and easy to walk. The locals are so friendly with kids. In a restaurant they even offered to keep Amelia until we finish our dinner and in another one they played ‘Johny Johny Yes Papa’ in the piano for her.  If you want you can visit the near countries too, such as Montenegro which is about an hour away. Don’t forget to try the local food and specially seafood, which is delicious.

Getting lost in the narrow streets of the Old City is the main thing to do, there are restaurants and cafes at every corner.  Also walking the City Walls is a must. It is the most amazing experience and the view is just breathtaking.  Remember to bring the baby carrier with you cause using a stroller up there is impossible.



Overall, 4-6 days are enough to see and do everything. We had a baby so we were limited to the main attraction and a more relaxed vacation.

Have you ever been to Dubrovnik? Did you like it as much as I did? Feel free to ask me any questions.


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