It has been a couple of months since we have a Netflix account. I can say it has quite good shows for any taste. The good thing about TV series is the fact that you can watch them even if you have limited time. I cannot stay for more than an hour in front of the TV because little human will wake up. So below I have listed the shows I have been watching.

1. The Alienist. It is a mystery/thriller series. We watched the whole season in a weekend. It is a great show! So atmospheric and intriguing. You just can’t move until you find out who the killer is.

2. Cable Girls. Or ‘ Las chicas del cable’ in Spanish. This is my favorite one. It takes place in the 1920s, in Madrid and it is all about friendship, love, female rights, suffragette, etc. Anyone who I recommended this show loved it too. I can say though, I was a bit disappointed with the 3rd season. Too much drama.

3. When Calls the Heart. This drama series is so easy and simple that one (Dimitri) may say boring. I didn’t find boring the first two seasons. I liked the characters and the time period. But at some point there has to be a progress in the relationship between the teacher and the police officer. It is a bit slow but so romantic in a nostalgic way.

4. Outlander. This is what I am watching now. I like it so much! It is about a girl in the World War II, who time travels in 1700s in the region of Highlands, Scotland. Scotland is my favorite country and we’ve been there when I was pregnant. So this series takes me back to those outstanding views. This series has everything you want in a good show, war, love, beautiful landscapes, history and so much more. Highly suggested!

5. La Casa de Papel. This is in Spanish too. I watched this show because I had heard so many people talk about it. It was very interesting in the beginning but then you realize that the whole scenario is about a very well – planned robbery in the national mint of Spain and that’s all. Maybe it would show something different after a few episodes but it didn’t intrigued me to keep watching.

Occasionally I have been watching other shows too but nothing I really liked. I am always in the hunt for a good series, so if you have any suggestions please let me know.


xo xo, Anna



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