LRM_EXPORT_204045725717238_20181018_142247261Amelia’s Christening was something I was looking forward since she was born. I wanted everything to be pretty and classy but simple. It was a beautiful bohemian themed Christening in a rainy Sunday. I loved every detail about that day. The white seaside church, the summer feeling, all our people together. My girl was so pretty in her dress, seriously she looked like a princess. I can’t believe she is my daughter. She has brought so much joy into our lifes. Such a big personality into such a little person.. And she made sure to show it that day! I had to hold her all the time because she was shocked by all the situation and wouldn’t go to anyone. However, after the ceremony, she was calmed and dancing until she fell asslep on me of course!






Photographer: Panagiotis Argyrakis

Decoration: Romantic Chic Event Planning


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